Best Samsung Laptops in 2019

The 13-inch Notebook 9 offers the best combination of size, hardware, and performance within Samsung’s lineup.

Who should buy this laptop

Not everyone needs a laptop with touch display, convertible design, or the hardware inside for heavy gaming. The Notebook 9 13 sticks with a traditional clamshell design and FHD display, and that’s perfectly OK for most people.

Is it a good time to buy this laptop?

The Samsung Notebook 9 13 is using 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors (CPU) and is fully compatible with Windows 10. These laptops generally retain their value even when a new version is announced, so you won’t likely save much by waiting for a new refresh cycle.

Reasons to buy

Outstanding build quality

Speedy solid-state drive (SSD)

Beautiful FHD display with accurate color reproduction

Fingerprint reader for Windows Hello

Weighs just over two pounds

Simple and Light Notebook Flash

Powerful Performance with High Connectivity 

Style & Substance

Experience style, productivity and power with the latest Samsung Notebook 9 Pro.  Slimmer and sleeker than ever, this laptop includes a modern, full metal frame and a 360-degree hinge to switch between notebook and tablet modes.  The Intel 8th Gen i7 processor means apps, large programs, and your favorite multimedia and streaming entertainment are handled with ease.